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FNaF World online is playable for now! Let’s dive into a brand new world of Freddy and his friends to explore more challenges and earn a lot of fun. The original is made by Scott Cawthon and this is just a flash version for those who want to enjoy another Cawthon’s creation. Different from the previous games, FNaF World is not a horror adventure game, it’s a funny and awesome RPG game instead. All animatronics are redesigned and they have nice personalities. They become more adorable and lovely. Once joining, the players will have to create their own party by adding their favorite animatronics before starting the fierce battles between the animatronics and cruel robotic enemies. To beat those foes, you must make a good use of unique abilities of your characters. Prepare nice strategies, conquer all fights and gain a lot of tokens after winning. The game also contains many hidden corners of this world, try to find them out as well as unlock a lot of new animatronics. Are you ready? Start the game right now! Good luck!

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